Forest of Life

Sun shining through the pines
Illuminating a path for me to take
I walk slowly as I embrace each step
Feeling the inner peace I long for
Such beauty here in my FOREST OF LIFE
Knowing it's there, I close my eyes
I remember my youth and cherish those times I felt safe

And now....
The leaves are turning just as time is passing
Life is changing and I can't stop it from doing so
People are leaving this good earth and a sadness passes over my soul
But I know that I'm still in my FOREST OF LIFE

My inspiration for this came from a photo I was sent (kl), 
It immediately made me think of how beautiful a Forest is and how
nature is the true FOREST OF LIFE.   The beauty of life that is
right in front of your eyes, sometimes we know it is there but we can't
see it or feel it.  Sometimes the Forest is thin and easy to navigate 
and sometimes it is grown over, dark, and thick, heavy to get through
But you keep pushing because it's beauty never ends, it keeps going.
Always push through your FOREST OF LIFE, and your beauty will remain 




Morning sun through clouds

Shadows highlighted against trees

Sometimes your so outside of me

My base so strong

Still fighting to belong

Will you see this face

Will I ever have a place

Bark so weathered and worn

From all the years of scorn

It’s a beauty I behold

A constant thread yet to unfold

My story continues to be untold

As I stand here with my heart of gold ūüíõ

Emotion Upon Reflection of Youth

A Crystal tear

which I held dear

Fell from my cheek

I couldn’t speak

I couldn’t cry

As Life flew by

It rolled on down

And hit the ground

I closed by eyes

With no surprise

My youth came back

I fell off track

Can’t get it back

Enjoy the now

And take a bow

Life’s a gift

And it goes swift

Breathe in the air

There’s more to share

Stare at the stars

A wonder about Mars

Put your toes in the sand

And think….LIFE IS GRAND

It’s bigger than us!



Butterfly on a wire

High above the ground she sits on a thin wire, the air so heavy she’s barely able to breathe.

Someday this butterfly will fly without clipped wings, but for now her soul sits high above the ground as she watches the world go round.

The world so big, and she so small

She will not live to see it all

She admires the sun, feels its warmth across her wings

She feels the gentle winds breeze swirl around her legs

Today her thoughts heavy, tomorrow they shall fade

Tomorrow she will use the power of the wind, the warmth of the sun, and the sweet taste of a flowers nectar to let go of her souls pain.




Here in the woods


Here in the woods

It was only me
Walking beside some lonely old tree

Here in the woods
Now I can see
There you were right beside the next tree

Here in the woods
Now I can feel
Your hand on my shoulder your presence so real

Here in the woods
Now I can hear
You tell me keep going you have nothing to fear

Dream based visitation

Unknown is Known (Seek and you will find/Matthew 7:7)


In the midst of it all I sought comfort and refuge….from myself

In your eyes I saw it

In your arms I felt it

With your heart I knew it

In your soul I recognized it

I found what I had longed for, for so long…..myself

It’s a soul’s recognition and understanding of love. ¬†Love is Joy, Love is pain, it’s hurt, and it’s humble, its happy and sad and confusing. ¬†But if we seek, we will find!. ¬†Its future and fear of the unknown, that holds us within a blank state of consciousness. ¬†Fear turns us numb to living, fear stops us from seeking so nothing is found. ¬†How can we fear what we’ve already experienced? ¬†The future is really not unknown. ¬† For the soul also recognizes that we should not fear the unknown for it isn’t really unknown at all.

It will be joy, pain, hurt and humble, it will be happy and sad…all that which we’ve already seen, heard, and felt. ¬†So when your heart is facing its biggest drought, remember this,

Let the fall leaves twirling around your feet leave you breathless as you watch them

Be in awe of an evening sky painted with golden hues of orange, red and pink

Let the drops of dew on green blades of grass catch your eye

Feel the heat from a backyard bonfire warm your soul

Be thankful each morning as the sun rises over the landscape

Each day is a new dawn, it awaits you….to LIVE



Nicole A Yacklon