Feeling Forever


Oh stream from my sky
A drop from my eye
Like dew on the ground
My heart has been found
With my eyes filled with wanderlust
I bend but don’t break
Its never been fake
Leaving me in a contrail of my own jet wake
And if forever existed….
Its what I would choose to take




Unknown is Known (Seek and you will find/Matthew 7:7)


In the midst of it all I sought comfort and refuge….from myself

In your eyes I saw it

In your arms I felt it

With your heart I knew it

In your soul I recognized it

I found what I had longed for, for so long…..myself

It’s a soul’s recognition and understanding of love.  Love is Joy, Love is pain, it’s hurt, and it’s humble, its happy and sad and confusing.  But if we seek, we will find!.  Its future and fear of the unknown, that holds us within a blank state of consciousness.  Fear turns us numb to living, fear stops us from seeking so nothing is found.  How can we fear what we’ve already experienced?  The future is really not unknown.   For the soul also recognizes that we should not fear the unknown for it isn’t really unknown at all.

It will be joy, pain, hurt and humble, it will be happy and sad…all that which we’ve already seen, heard, and felt.  So when your heart is facing its biggest drought, remember this,

Let the fall leaves twirling around your feet leave you breathless as you watch them

Be in awe of an evening sky painted with golden hues of orange, red and pink

Let the drops of dew on green blades of grass catch your eye

Feel the heat from a backyard bonfire warm your soul

Be thankful each morning as the sun rises over the landscape

Each day is a new dawn, it awaits you….to LIVE



Nicole A Yacklon








When the sounds of summer are gone



When life gets quiet

Listen to your heart

Soon you’ll realize

Were never far apart

When you look up at the dark night sky

Think of me as I fly high

When you feel the wind against your face

May you feel all happy memories you can’t erase

And when the sounds of summer have long faded away

Let that sense of peace fill your day…


























Among them all

Strong and Tall

Among them all

Vulnerable through time

Her grit and her grime

For she now has no fear

Her purpose so clear

To show beauty and strength

Through the eye of her lens


A special thanks 🙏 to Tammi Dewey Gunther

For allowing me to post this dramatically beautiful photo she took. As soon as I saw it inspiration hit me quickly🌻

Photo credit: Tammi Dewey Gunther

On this day…9.23.95


When all we may have felt was the earth’s core, dark, hard and rocky

We were led to a sense of peace

We walked through faith, and prayed with promise

And as the sun’s golden rays dance against todays water’s edge

I close my eyes and let myself feel

Memories not lost of what once was so real

A reflection on times of happiness and love

From the dress, to the the flowers, and both of our smile’s

Memories we made with family and friends

So happy we were

A candle I”ll light to burn long and bright

It’s not with you but for you

On this day……The light continues to shine on the best of us



















Forgotten Beauty

I wrote Forgotten Beauty 2 weeks ago at 6:17 am, before I was aware of the now highly publicized Eclipse today, August 21st.  I woke this morning to the loudest thunderstorm I can remember in a long time.  I have many writing’s held tightly in my worn out, faded green writer’s journal, most may not make it onto this blog but this one I felt appropriate for Eclipse Day!


When the sun shined

There was darkness

Dark covered LIGHT

When it rained

I drowned in a sea of sorrow

Never understanding why

Standing in a room filled with people

I couldn’t have felt more alone

When I thought about life

It was overshadowed by death

Fear took my SPIRIT

It wrapped around my soul like a vine of poison coiling around my very existence

Through the pain, I forgot BEAUTY

The solar eclipse on my sun lasted a long time.

The storm built over time

And my soul went into hibernation






Empath Problems 

Moving in and out of another dream’s, very much so!


Living the life of ( what is largely described as) an empath is a very challenging experience to say the very least. After all trying to exist and live a ‘normal’ human existence is frequently fraught with anxiety, stress, drama and perceived obstacles.
So it is not surprising that those of us who share a predisposition to being energetically sensitive have more than the average person to contend with.

Whether or not we agree with the term ’empath’ many of us indeed share similar proclivities. There are going to be variables depending on individuals however many ( including myself) experience the following :

– a tendency to pick up on the emotional states of others ( and sometimes confuse them as our own)

– a tendency to pick up on Earth / Nature energies

– an extreme sensitivity to whatsoever is in the energetic field of our vicinity, including spirits…

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When I think it’s Gone


When I think I’m in the clear

It is very much still here

While it comes and it goes

I know it still shows

All over my face

Nothing anyone can help erase


As I try to embrace

What was left in my heart

I remember how that loss gave me a new start