Ode to those souls

Suicide changes everything 😦

So many that we’ve lost!, so many lives its cost

For those left behind

If we could just press rewind

The thoughts in their minds albeit a blurry

Mental illness and anxiety snuffs out in a hurry

It was their passion and drive that kept them alive

When it was all just too much

They left in a rush

Families left crushed

And now there is silence

Where once was a voice

Finally free

From demons we can’t see

For all those lost to suicide:

Layne Staley, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington

Joey Yacklon – 4.25.13

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:






Souls so Different

Souls so different

Souls so true

I’ll light up your way

I’ll walk through your blue

Its not about you, its all about me

I’ve found what I need

Now happy and free

Someday meet me there

Right there in that field

Sit with me, and I’ll make you a shield

Away from your worry,  away from your hurt

Away from your battles

Where butterflies flirt

They dance around sunflowers

No cares and no fears

Remember the light that I shared with you

Our souls were so different

But mine was all true


Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it!, its something to embrace even if you only have it for a short period of time.  Everyone you meet in life as you walk through your own journey shares something with you, maybe even for you, or perhaps it was for them, perhaps it was for their journey.   So embrace those moments and cherish what you have shared together.   Never be afraid to share yourself with others, as it assists your soul vibration to achieve a higher level.







Summer Nights

The Fireflies look like sweet souls dancing,they call out to each other. Their beacon of light rising against the earths dark backdrop. I gaze up at the stars and they shine like a dusting of silvery glitter and it’s like magic! they’re winking down at those souls, all for me to see🔥💫⭐️

My Story….and Yours

Here is an excerpt from the front inside cover of my book titled:2015-07-27-15-22-51

My Story….and Yours…and Yours

Four years has hit me hard…..but I do believe I am ready!

No one watched you struggle more than me.  I’m not sure whats more difficult, being the person who is fighting the mental illness or the person watching the battle for daily survival.  To say it was hard is an understatement.  Helpless of all attempts to regain the person you were was futile.  But I LIVED with hope.  So with hope I trudged on through the murky waters of the existence of Depression, and Bipolar Disorder.

But Hope is simply wanting for something to change, it isn’t change itself, it has no motion to it, its all emotion.  Think about it, we hope for a lot.  Hope is a state of mind.  Hope is something you feel, deep down inside yourself.  Its something you feel for yourself its something you feel for others.  Its like having a dream and not going for the dream.  But Hope leaves you in a holding pattern.

Ah so here I am finally realizing that I’ve lived my entire life on Hope!  I know that life can’t and won’t change on Hope alone.  For those of you reading this and thinking oh no, its all I have, Hope is not a bad thing when you feel like its all you have.   But hopefully you will see you have so much more than that.

So for me and the here and now, Its time to start LIVING and telling the story of me, and you, and you, and even the rest of you too.  You don’t even know who you all are, but you will.  Besides you should all know how you changed my life, the impact you made and how you shaped a girl who thought she only had hope.




After the rain


Green blades of grass drip iridescent drops as the sun peers out from the clouds

A steady rain just stopped falling

Birds sing their emotional love songs back and forth

Their sweet melodies flow through my ears.

Water pounds thunderously against the jagged rocks as they peer through the creeks rock bed

As it exhales from the hills above

I close my eyes

Someday thou sleep shall find me

On the other side Ill rest

It’s where Ill surely realize Life was the greatest test




Falling from Grace



Sea of green

Field of gold

So many layers yet to unfold

Sky so blue

Sun so bright

Hold onto all my secrets so tight

Sorting myself out within a land of self doubt

Until down to the water’s edge I fall

My soul plundering down uncontrolled

My lifeless body falls against soft petals of grass

Only for today my feelings so frayed

A Fall from Grace has taken place





You are here to stay. 

Such a beautiful read 🙂

Sweta Ojha

What if all that you’ve felt all this while was but an illusion or a desire to reach where you are not destined to?

Have you loved enough?

Or should you at all?

Maybe you’ve found yourself this guy. Maybe you’ve loved him more than you know of love. But now that you are figuring out your own broken pieces, you know you deserve better. No, not a better man, but better of what he has been to you. Better of all that you’ve blindly put into him.

You find out that you’ve silently agreed to a vague present and how that still seems better than all that you will ever receive.

Do you pity yourself?

Out of all things, you remind yourself to appreciate and celebrate what is meant to be at the moment. You don’t live in the moment but these moments find life in you!

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