Eyes Closed


With my eyes closed I finally float away.

Dreams abound in this space.

Never landing in the same place.

Where there is no sense of time.

No place is impossible to visit

In the darkness of sleep, so vast is the light I see before me.





The path of the empath — RhapsodyBohème

So what exactly does it mean to be an empath you might ask and I wondered the same the first time I heard the word. I can’t remember how I came across it and it was probably a Facebook quiz I took just for fun, aren’t those hilarious at times, almost like reading the horoscope […]

via The path of the empath  — RhapsodyBohème

Easy to be Thankful

Its easy to be thankful !  It isn’t just on Thanksgiving that I am thankful.  Everyday  is a gift. I’m sure some will read this and think I wish I could think and feel the same way!, And at the same time I wish if its you reading this and your saying that to yourself, I wish I could help you feel that way too.

Even if the road is  difficult, long, and tiresome at times it’s still a gift for me.   My road certainly hasn’t been as hard or difficult as others but I know that there ultimately is a purpose for it all.

This morning as I read a friends post on Facebook, my heart bled for her.  She and I have something in common…both losing our husband’s who were classmates 8 months apart.  Both different deaths but a loss none the less. My loss was suicide, hers was death during sleep.   I read how difficult it has been for her to move forward.  She talked about how she stopped going to her parent’s thanksgiving dinner because she can’t sit at the table without him its been four years.

Selfishly I thought how thankful I wasn’t her!  I felt her soul trapped inside of her own loss, missing something so bad that you yourself stop living. She would rather sit home alone and hurting then be with the rest of her family, enjoying new moments.  As I read her words I remembered my own Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and I immediately replayed the moment I was most thankful for .  It was the moment I stared at my daughter laughing and happy at my reaction to the Turkey place card she made me….and I was thankful yet again.

Thankful that I was living! Thankful that I live for moments.  Thankful that the hard journey through my husband’s mental illness made me strong enough to want to live for moments, moments to cherish and be thankful for.

The sun always seems to shine through the clouds when I need it.  I’m thankful for that too!  Someday I hope she’s also able to let the sun shine through her clouds.


What Once Was

What used to be is gone or was it never really there.

Another wish, Another hope, Another dream.

Barely able to see visions on the edge of a reality that once was.

Is anything truly real?

One cannot deny a touch, a taste, or breath from another’s tongue, a beating heart, or words spoken.

Can the dark spot within someone’s soul be lifted by another?

Some days I go back to the place you left me, broken and empty.

Robbed of my innocence in life.

My goodness left behind in a trail of smoke only dust to sift through in the end.