My Reminder from You

Confusion and Pain became one and the same

Chance after chance it never changed

Watching you whither, your body and mind

Took the spirit right out of the depths of my kind

You acknowledged my goodness than left me broken

Your death was my heartache, a parting token

When you came to me after no words were spoken

You showed me the light inside of myself

Something I lost in a physical world

I promised I’d live as you asked me to do

Sometimes tho its hard to push constantly through


















Looking Past

Can you look past the broken heart20150330_193458

Will that ever heal

Will you always hurt those you love

Will you ever feel

Life’s road will always come with a twist and a turn

If you navigate properly  you may not crash and burn

What is an Empath?? — Broken Tainted Glasses

By: Christel Broederlow What is an empath? Being an empath is when you are affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. Your life is unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods. Being an empath is much more than being highly sensitive and it’s not […]

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Friday night as I drifted off to sleep I had a vision/visit with a classmate/friend who passed away in October.  When I closed my eyes that night he appeared in front of me.  Smiling and young is how he wished me to see him.  He looked very much like the young man I remembered from high school with a huge smile. I looked at him, smiled back and immediately felt a sense of peace from him that he had finally found what he had longed for.  The vision/visit was gone as quick as it came and I fell asleep.  When I woke up on Saturday morning as I pulled my phone away from its charger I got a notification from Facebook that it was his birthday and did I want to wish him a Happy Birthday…. I remembered the night before and the look of happiness he shared with me.  So meaningful that he returned to show me he was ok and that he had finally made it home, his one great wish.

He had reached out to me last year after seeing me on a dating website.  He talked about moving to Tennessee to care for his aging parents leaving behind his children whom he missed greatly.

For a couple of months on and off he expressed how tired he was with life, how his ailing health had just completely depressed him. We reflected on good times in high school and he thanked me many times for being a kind and caring person. He said I never changed.  I brought him up to speed on many things happening around our hometown and who still was in the area.   After a couple of months on and off texting, the texts just stopped.   I worried about him greatly and hoped he would find his way out, sadly I knew he would not.

I had asked him why he was on the website looking for daters back in NY when he lived in Tennessee.    He told me that he had one wish.   His wish was he wanted to come back home.  When he saw me he had an over whelming sense to begin a conversation. He told me it was the closest thing to feeling like he had a piece of home and he said it made him happy to have that sense of home when he couldn’t really be there.  I provided comfort to him in the last year of his life, even though it was hard to hear how sad he was.  I also felt his joy as he talked about his kids.  I felt the love he had for his mom when he talked about her.

Sometimes I don’t always understand life’s reasoning for placing me in people’s lives until quite a while later; but at some point realization hits me – sometimes its very direct and other times indirectly.

So today I reflect on being an empath and being able to see the life after.   Another empath recently posted that sometimes they felt cursed.   I replied back with the way I view my empathy.   I never regret the gift I was given.  I feel chosen.  I will always welcome those that need me and never turn them away.  Imagine feeling other people’s pain, their joy, their fears, as they walk by you, sit next to you, stand in the check out lane behind or in front of you.  Also know that those same people need people like us. We can absorb some of the pain they hold inside, for we are the souls that spread our love and light amongst them without them even knowing we are taking that on.

In the end my friend made it home, not in the way I wished for him but home none the less.  He is at peace, and pain free.   And I am at peace knowing that I was placed in front of him for a purpose. It also reminds me that time is valuable.












Astral Projection — Spirit Lights The Way

Astral Projection sounds like a skill worth having ~ allowing us to be both HERE and THERE. Per my recent research, there are exercises we can practice to become more adept at sending a drone or watcher out into the world. However “the ability to make the astral body appear to others as a solid, […]

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Shattered Glass Soul

20150621_112602There was a soul that sat at my feet like shattered glass.  It lay in a pile of jagged pieces.

I tried to bring you back from the depths of a place that lay deep within you but it was too dark and I couldn’t see the way.

Slowly you covered over my light like a solar eclipse.   In the darkness I reached for you.  I longed to pick up your pieces but each piece I grasped cut me deeper than the last.  My smile, my innocence, my every thought, faded into the shadows as I lived for you not me.

I longed for my soul to pickup your pieces but fate had other plans.  Plans neither you or I would be able to halt.  Time would indeed come crashing to a stop that morning as the sun rose with the dawn of a new day.  Momentarily lost, I thought I could never be found.

My only wish….infinite happiness and time both which I believe you have found.

Back to life and the living was the only way I knew.  I continued to soar above it all but this time for me.