Forgotten Beauty

I wrote Forgotten Beauty 2 weeks ago at 6:17 am, before I was aware of the now highly publicized Eclipse today, August 21st.  I woke this morning to the loudest thunderstorm I can remember in a long time.  I have many writing’s held tightly in my worn out, faded green writer’s journal, most may not make it onto this blog but this one I felt appropriate for Eclipse Day!


When the sun shined

There was darkness

Dark covered LIGHT

When it rained

I drowned in a sea of sorrow

Never understanding why

Standing in a room filled with people

I couldn’t have felt more alone

When I thought about life

It was overshadowed by death

Fear took my SPIRIT

It wrapped around my soul like a vine of poison coiling around my very existence

Through the pain, I forgot BEAUTY

The solar eclipse on my sun lasted a long time.

The storm built over time

And my soul went into hibernation






Empath Problems 

Moving in and out of another dream’s, very much so!


Living the life of ( what is largely described as) an empath is a very challenging experience to say the very least. After all trying to exist and live a ‘normal’ human existence is frequently fraught with anxiety, stress, drama and perceived obstacles.
So it is not surprising that those of us who share a predisposition to being energetically sensitive have more than the average person to contend with.

Whether or not we agree with the term ’empath’ many of us indeed share similar proclivities. There are going to be variables depending on individuals however many ( including myself) experience the following :

– a tendency to pick up on the emotional states of others ( and sometimes confuse them as our own)

– a tendency to pick up on Earth / Nature energies

– an extreme sensitivity to whatsoever is in the energetic field of our vicinity, including spirits…

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