Forgotten Beauty

I wrote Forgotten Beauty 2 weeks ago at 6:17 am, before I was aware of the now highly publicized Eclipse today, August 21st.  I woke this morning to the loudest thunderstorm I can remember in a long time.  I have many writing’s held tightly in my worn out, faded green writer’s journal, most may not make it onto this blog but this one I felt appropriate for Eclipse Day!


When the sun shined

There was darkness

Dark covered LIGHT

When it rained

I drowned in a sea of sorrow

Never understanding why

Standing in a room filled with people

I couldn’t have felt more alone

When I thought about life

It was overshadowed by death

Fear took my SPIRIT

It wrapped around my soul like a vine of poison coiling around my very existence

Through the pain, I forgot BEAUTY

The solar eclipse on my sun lasted a long time.

The storm built over time

And my soul went into hibernation






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