Forest of Life

Sun shining through the pines
Illuminating a path for me to take
I walk slowly as I embrace each step
Feeling the inner peace I long for
Such beauty here in my FOREST OF LIFE
Knowing it's there, I close my eyes
I remember my youth and cherish those times I felt safe

And now....
The leaves are turning just as time is passing
Life is changing and I can't stop it from doing so
People are leaving this good earth and a sadness passes over my soul
But I know that I'm still in my FOREST OF LIFE

My inspiration for this came from a photo I was sent (kl), 
It immediately made me think of how beautiful a Forest is and how
nature is the true FOREST OF LIFE.   The beauty of life that is
right in front of your eyes, sometimes we know it is there but we can't
see it or feel it.  Sometimes the Forest is thin and easy to navigate 
and sometimes it is grown over, dark, and thick, heavy to get through
But you keep pushing because it's beauty never ends, it keeps going.
Always push through your FOREST OF LIFE, and your beauty will remain 




Morning sun through clouds

Shadows highlighted against trees

Sometimes your so outside of me

My base so strong

Still fighting to belong

Will you see this face

Will I ever have a place

Bark so weathered and worn

From all the years of scorn

It’s a beauty I behold

A constant thread yet to unfold

My story continues to be untold

As I stand here with my heart of gold đź’›